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The Top 50 ‘Best Simpsons Tattoos’ Of 2015

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Let’s be honest, everyone loves a good Simpsons tattoo. Whether it’s an obscure reference that only hardcore fans will appreciate, or simply a classic ‘Stonecutters’ logo, you really can’t go wrong with a tattoo of something from the show. Thankfully, there’s now an Instagram account that specialises in showcasing  the best Simpsons tattoos from around the world, and we recently caught up with their admin Cameron Baker, to decide the 50 Best Simpsons Tattoos of 2015 (below).

Baker launched the popular Instagram account a little over a year ago, and currently receives plenty of new submissions every single day. However, Baker reveals the particular type of Simpsons tattoos he appreciates the most.

“We love seeing forgotten about single episode characters or references. Ms. Botz the babysitter or Bigfoot Homer from season one would be awesome to see. Plus anything original with a different artist’s flavour is always dope too”, he explains.

Also, if you’re a fan of any of the designs below, be sure to head to the Simpsons Tattoo Instagram to get the contact details of the specific artists. After all, the more Simpsons tattoos we have out there the better!

So despite the thousands of submissions Baker and his team received last year, here are what he considers to be the 50 Best Simpsons Tattoos of 2015 (in no particular order):
lenny white carl black simpsons tattoo

best simpsons tattoos

joey jo simpsons tattoo

lenny punch simpsons tattoo

homer krusty bike simpsons tattoo

damn vegetables simpsons

homer chainsaw hockey mask simpsons tattoo

funny simpsons tattoos

wiggum police dogs

hans moleman simpsons tattoo

hans moleman tattoo fire

krusty clown simpsons tattoo

milhouse mum cool simpsons tattoo

homer ate whole thing simpson tattoo

hutz funny simpsons tattoo

lamb lisa simpsons tattoo

homer catfish simpsons tattoo

old zeke simpsons tattoo

snake hair simpsons tattoo

burns alien simpsons tatto

tubby simpsons tattoo

homer rules simpsons tattoo

homer tricycle simpsons tattoo

krusty monorail simpsons tattoo

simpsons australia koala tattoo

simpsons choo choose tattoo

hitchiker simpsons tattoo

lenny carl moon simpsons tattoo

lizard queen simpsons tattoo

moe check list simpsons tattoo

burns moose plane simpsons tattoo

patty simpsons hairy leg tattoo

lemon troy simpsons tattoo

wolcastle bratwurst simpsons tattoo

mr sparkle simpsons tattoo

pinchy cute simpsons tattoo

bush rainbow simpsons tattoo

pigeon rat simpsons tattoo

rod trust simpsons tattoo

chop hands simpsons tattoo

lenny how live simpsons tattoo

die bart simpsons tattoo

homer donut head simpsons tattoo


egg run simpsons tattoo

bart lisa kicking simpsons tattoo

itchy scratchy cel simpsons tattoo

gymnast break leg simpsons tattoo

simpsons nirvana nevermind tattoo

homer elephant fresh best simpsons tattoos

simpsons full back tattoo

What do you think? Do you agree that these are the best Simpsons tattoos of 2015, or are there some missing that you feel deserved a mention? Post your thoughts/photos below!

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