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WATCH: The Best Hans Moleman Moments

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Best Hans Moleman moments you say? You’ve got it!

Moleman is without a doubt one of our all-time favourite Simpsons characters, which is why we simply had to pay tribute with this compilation of his finest moments from season 4-9 (the best in our opinion). From ‘Man Getting Hit By Football’ to Moleman’s rendition of the wine list, you won’t regret spending the next 5 minutes of your life basking in the glory of Mr Ralph Melish himself.

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Watch the video below, oh and don’t forget to check out our Simpsons Podcast. We review every episode of all time, interview cast members like Harry Shearer and Joe Mantegna, Top 10 lists and more!

So what did you think of our Best Hans Moleman moments compilation? What’s YOUR favourite Moleman moment? Comment below.

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