simpsons lemon memes

The Best Simpsons Lemon Memes

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For the last couple of weeks, news feeds around the world have been clogged with Simpsons lemon memes. As ridiculous as they may seem to some people, we actually think that they’re hilarious. Well now that the trend seems to be dying down, we’d thought we’d celebrate the best Simpsons lemon memes that we could find:

dave evans 2

“Go lemon!”

Credit: Dave Evans

Adrian castle

“Does it have lemon in it?”

Credit: Adrian Castle

simpsons lemon memes

“So you like lemons aye?”

Credit: Samual McInerney

Dave evans

“Mein lemon has a first name…”

Credit: Dave Evans

Adam Dexcell

“Can you swing a sack of lemons?”

Credit: Adam Dexcell

Karo cuen

“This is what a lemon field looks like..”

Credit: Caro Kuen

Yeyint Aung

Credit: Yeyint Aung


Credit: Ben Symak

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simpsons lemon memes

“Don’t make me run, I’m full of lemon!”

Credit: Greg Thomas


“Who needs money when we’ve got lemons?”

Credit: Mike Brush


Credit: Joshua Samuel Burton

simpsons lemon memes

“.. attach the lemon of triumph!”

Credit: Robert Scott


mason bernstein

Credit: Mason Bernstein

mitch doyle

Credit: Mitch Doyle


Credit: Aaron Lewicki


Credit: Samual McInerney


simpsons lemon memes

Kevin austin

Credit: Kevin Austin


Credit: Tim C-Jones

So there are some of the best Simpsons lemon memes that we could find. If we’ve used your image and haven’t given you credit, let us know and we’ll be sure to include your name. Oh and if you know of any other decent Simpsons lemon memes that aren’t in this list, send it through to, along with the creator’s name.

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Images sourced by: Jake Langa.
Twitter: @jakelangdown
Instagram: @emopapa

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