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The Top 5 Simpsons Characters Voiced By Phil Hartman

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In Australia, 18 years is supposed to be a celebration. When you turn 18 you can finally legally drive, vote, drink, apply for Masterchef, as well as get a Netflix account in your own name. However, 2016 marks an 18 years far from worth celebrating. Today, May 28, 2016, marks 18 years since the tragic death of Phil Hartman.

What we can do, though, is use it as an opportunity to celebrate all that this great performer gave to our lives, and all that he gave to our favourite yellow animated characters. Perhaps moreso than any other guest voice artist on the show, Phil could be given only two or three lines and yet entirely steal an episode. Sometimes, not even lines were needed:

“Hercules, the cyclops tore off my clothes!”

In counting down to our Top 5 Simpsons characters voiced by Phil Hartman, here are a few that you may not have realised he voiced.

Johnny Tightlips

johnny tightlips simpsons

The Cable Guy

simpsons cable guy

Jimmy Apollo

simpsons jimmy apollo


simpsons moses

Homer’s Stock Broker

simpsons stockbroker

Eddie Muntz

eddie muntz simpsons

Fat Tony (one episode; ‘ A Fish Called Selma’)

fat tony phil hartman

And now for our Top 5:

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horst simpsons

Any joke requires something unexpected, and here Phil delivers in spades by presenting us with…A NICE German! At every turn of Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk, there are ample opportunities to find that Horst has an evil ulterior motive, and every time the joke centres on that assumption being untrue. Horst also makes this list for reminding us of Sergeant Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes, ja!

4. TOM

tom cruise simpsons

We’ve gotta feel a bit bad for Homer in Brother From The Same Planet – who could possibly compete with Tom? He rides a bike, he hang-glides, plus he’s even kind to fish!


simpsons characters voiced by phil hartman

Everybody’s favourite washed up Actor, you may remember him from…all of these

Troy is a classic example of Phil’s ability to make something memorable with a few small lines – often only appearing as a throw-away time-filler, he crafted him into one of the most memorable Simpsons characters of all time.


monorail song simpsons

A one-time character making it ahead of a long-running staple? What blasphemy is this?! Well, we at Four Finger Discount get as caught up in a catchy song as any member of Springfield, and Lanley’s Monorail Jingle is up there with the best of them all.


lionel hutz monkey puff

Of all of Phil’s characters, Hutz is the one that gives him the most room to move. He gets longer scenes, and some of the greatest lines, all while not necessarily wearing pants. Seemingly one of two lawyers in Springfield, Hutz will take on any case, sell you a half-full juice, and deliver an empty box of pizza all before losing his dignity and your chance of success.

Those are our favourite Simpsons characters voiced by Phil Hartman, but his life doesn’t begin and end with The Simpsons, so do yourselves a favour and spend the next free hour you have devouring his clips on YouTube from any and all sources to truly appreciate one of America’s fallen comedy icons.

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