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100 Interesting Facts About The Simpsons

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OK so as some of you may be aware, I co-host the Four Finger Discount podcast alongside my pal Mitch. If there’s one thing I’ve loved about going back and reviewing the older episodes, it’s that there were so many cool facts about the show that I simply had no idea about. So with that, I got the idea to start pumping out regular Simpsons fact lists, to save all of you guys the hassle of needing to do the research.

Since today is my birthday and I’ve magically become too sick to go to work, I’ve spent some of my afternoon putting together this list. In return, it’d be a great birthday present if you could all LIKE our Four Finger Discount page (link above) you know, so I feel like my 27th birthday wasn’t a complete waste. Hey what am I saying? Even I learnt a thing or two today, so here we go with my first Simpsons facts list…

1. ‘Homer At The Bat’ was the first episode to defeat The Cosby Show in its original airing.

2. On Conan O’Brien’s first day as part of the writing staff, a bird flew through the window and killed itself.

3. Moe’s telephone number is 764-84377, which is one digit more than a usual U.S number.

4. His number actually spells out SMITHERS.

5. In the French dubbed Simpsons, Homer’s “D’oh!” is translated to “T’oh!”

6. In the Spanish version, Homer instead says “Ouch!”

7. Homer’s email,, is genuinely registered and users will get an automated response from him when they try and contact it.

8. Audio of Paul McCartney reading a recipe for lentil soup can be heard playing backwards during the closing credits of ‘Lisa The Vegetarian.’

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9. Nancy Cartwright accidentally knocked over Danny Devito when she was introduced to him before he recorded the dialogue for Uncle Herb the first time.

10. Comic Book Guy’s real name is Jeff Albertson.

11. Matt Groening is the voice behind Maggie’s sucking sound.

12. Dan Castellaneta has said that he based “D’oh!” off of Jimmy Finlayson’s “Dooooh!” in the Laurel And Hardy films.

13. Michael Jackson co-wrote ‘Do The Bartman.’

14. Matt Groening got many of the character’s last names from street names in Portland, Oregon, his hometown.

15. In ‘Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk’, Mr. Burns was originally going to sell the power plant to the Japanese instead of the Germans.

16. It only took Danny Elfman two days to compose the show’s theme song.

17. If you string together all of the McBain clips, they actually make somewhat of a coherent movie:

18. Kang and Kodos are named after characters from Star Trek: The Original Series.

19. Nancy Cartwright first auditioned for the role of Lisa, not Bart.

20. The inspiration for Krusty came from Portland TV Clown, Rusty Nails.

21. There was once a ride called ‘The Simpsons Down Under’ at Fox Studios in Sydney. It was in the the backlot theme park, which unfortunately closed down in 2001. The ride featured an altered version of ‘Bart vs Australia’, with entirely new scenes.

22. Cletus and Brandine have 44 children.

23. The drawings in the episode ‘Angry Dad’, were actually drawn by the young son of one of the animators.

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24. The Who’s Pete Townshend was actually voiced by his brother Paul in ‘A Tale Of Two Cities.’.

25. Bart’s locker combination is 36-24-26.

26. In 1997, The Simpsons became the longest-running prime time animated series in the U.S., surpassing The Flinstones.

27. Hank Scorpio was originally going to return in The Simpsons Movie. Whoever decided not to go with that option should be fired immediately.

28. The live-action sequence at the end of ‘Treehouse Of Horror VI’ was filmed on Ventura Boulevard in Studio City.

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29. An original concept in the early days was for Homer to actually be Krusty all along, hence why the designs are so similar.

30. Michael Jackson was credited as John Jay Smith in ‘Stark Raving Dad.’ This was due to contractual limitations meaning he wasn’t meant to contribute to the show.

31. However, he wasn’t allowed to sing, meaning an impersonator was brought in for the “Lisa It’s Your Birthday” scene.

32. The vehicle known as The Homer, has actually been created in real life.

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33. Speaking of, a real-life Simpsons house was built in 1997 as part of a promotional competition.

34. ‘Bart Gets An F’ is still the highest rated episode of all time in the U.S.

35. It was also the highest rated show on FOX until 1995.

36. Bart first uses the term “Eat my shorts” in the episode Bart The Genius.

37. Before Sting was selected to appear in ‘Radio Bart’, Bruce Springsteen was offered the role instead but he turned it down.

38. In the Arabic version, Homer is known as Omar and he drinks soda instead of Duff.

39. In 1998, Bart was named as one of the ‘Most Influential People Of The Century’ by TIME Magazine.

40. The Simpsons hold the Guiness World Record for most guest stars in a TV series.

41. FOX owns the rights to The Simpsons until 2082.

42. The Simpsons characters were designed so that they would be easily identifiable in silhouette.

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43. The reason they were made yellow was to grab the attention of channel surfers.

44. Homer Simpson is the most downloaded sat-nav voice.

45. Homer is the only character to have dialogue in every episode.

46. Yeardley Smith originally auditioned for Bart.

47. In the 1975 movie, Day Of The Locust, Donald Sutherland played a character named Homer Simpson. He also was a guest voice on ‘Lisa The Iconoclast.’

48. Paul McCartney’s only demand after being a guest star was that Lisa remain a vegetarian for the remainder of the series.

49. The actors behind the voices of Homer and Marge in the French version of the show, Phillipe Peythieu and Veronique Augereau, actually got married in real life.

50. God and Jesus are the only characters to have had five fingers.

51. Bart’s hair has nine points.

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52. Actor Sheldon Leonard was the show runners’ first choice to voice Fat Tony. The part eventually went to Joe Mantegna.

53. The name ‘Bart’ was chosen since it is a anagram of ‘brat’.

54. The cast of The Simpsons sent flowers to South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker after airing their anti-Family Guy episode.

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55. Dustin Hoffman was credited as Sam Etic (get it?) for his role as Mr Bergstrom in ‘Lisa’s Substitute.’

56. Time Magazine also named The Simpsons as ‘The Best TV Show Of The 20th Century’.

57. Anne Hathaway won a Primetime Emmy for outstanding voice performance for her portrayal of Princess Penelope.

58. The pilot episode ‘Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire’ was the only full-length episode to air during the 80s.

59. The word “D’oh” has never appeared in a script of The Simpsons. It’s always referred to as “annoyed grunt.”

60. Ringo Starr was the first Beatle to be a guest star on the show.

61. The character Karl was originally designed to look like Harvey Fierstein, however Fierstein refused, saying it wasn’t a good representation of the homosexual community.

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62. For the episode ‘Dead Putting Society’, the animators visited a local mini golf centre to try and get a realistic grasp on the putting swing.

63. Besides the pilot (which sort of doesn’t count), ‘The Telltale Head’ was the first episode to use a title card at the beginning.

64. Principal Skinner’s prisoner number in Vietnam, 24601, is also the same as Sideshow Bob’s prison number.

65. Maggie originally scanned through the register as $847.63, which was the average price of raising a baby for one month in the U.S in 1989.

66. After the show went HD, she now merely doubles the price from $243.26 to $486.52.

67. Catherine O’Hara (the mum from Home Alone) recorded dialogue for Moe’s assistant Colette in ‘Flaming Moes’, however the writers felt her voice didn’t suit the character and opted not to use it.

68. Due to being a ratings flop, the Arabic version of show was cancelled after only 34 episodes.

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69. Bumblebee Guy’s real name is Pedro.

70. The episode ‘Kamp Krusty’ was set to be the basis for a Simpsons movie before being turned into just an episode.

71. Johnny Carson recorded his dialogue for ‘Krusty Gets Kancelled’ the night after the 44th Primetime Emmy Awards.

72. The writers had a back-up line for Buzz Aldrin’s “second comes right after first” line in ‘Deep Space Homer’, in case he was offended by it. The back-up was “first to take a soil sample”, however Aldrin didn’t mind the original and therefore they went with it.

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73. ‘Itchy & Scratchy Land’ was a direct response to FOX, who at the time had tried to stop any more Itchy & Scratchy cartoons being included in episodes.

74. Milhouse’s middle name is Mussolini.

75. Bleeding Gums Murphy was the first recurring character to be killed off on the show. This happened in the episode ‘Round Springfield.

76. Whilst ‘Who Shot Mr. Burns?’ was in production, David Silverman was the only animator who knew that Maggie was the culprit.

77. The ‘Who Shot Mr Burns?’ competition was one of the first to tie in elements of both TV and the internet, with FOX creating the website, which was dedicated to the mystery.

78. ‘Radioactive Man’ was the first Simpsons episode to be digitally coloured.

79. There is a statue portraying show writer John Schwartzwelder outside the courtroom in the episode ‘Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily.’

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80. Due to its touching nature, it was ordered that no promos air over the top of the closing credits of ‘Mother Simpson.’

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81. Empire Magazine has named ‘King Size Homer’ as the best episode of all time.

82. There arent actually 22 stories in ’22 Short Films About Springfield’, several stories had to be cut due to time constraints.

83. One of the dropped stories featured around Lionel Hutz. Damn.

84. No Doubt make a background cameo in Homerpalooza. Gwen Stefani’s brother Eric was an animator at the time, so he added them in.

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85. Richard Nixon was the president who was going to move in across the road from The Simpsons at the end of ‘Two Bad Neighbors’, however it was changed to Gerald Ford after Nixon passed away not long before production started.

86. This isn’t much of a fact, but I still appreciate it. A video of Matt Groening having a conversation with a Homer Simpson hologram from last year’s Comic Con:

87. Apparently due to the September 11 attacks, the episode ‘The City Of New York vs Homer Simpson’ didn’t air on terrestrial TV in the UK until several years since it originally aired in the U.S.

88. Lots of Bob Newhart’s dialogue from ‘Bart The Fink’ had to be cut because he spoke too slow.

89. The fathers of Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney only ever appear in the episode ‘The Homer They Fall.’

90. Hank Azaria based his performance of Frank Grimes on William H. Macy.

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91. Rodney Dangerfield made some changes to the script of ‘Burns Baby Burns’ during recording. Show runner Josh Weinstein kept the script and pen, and considers them as some of his most prized Simpsons possessions.

92. To date, there are 574 episodes.

93. The Simpsons Shorts were edited out of The Tracey Ullman Show in the UK, as there were feelings they wouldn’t translate to British audiences.

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94. The cast members currently receive just over $300,000 US per episode.

95. The episode ‘Take My Life, Please’ was the first to be broadcast in high definition.

96. In third grade, show runner Al Jean actually received a valentine reading “I Choo Choo Choose You.” Awwwwwwwwwwwww.

97. The animators jokingly referred to the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon ‘Steamboat Itchy’ as ‘Steamboat Lawsuit’, due to its similarity to the Mickey Mouse film ‘Steamboat Willie.’

98. Matt Groening is left-handed.

99. Lance Murdoch was based on Evil Knievel. Duh.

100. The first script to be completed was for the episode ‘Homer’s Odyssey.’

So there you have it guys, 100 facts about The Simpsons. Did you know them all? If so, well done! You’re a bigger man (or woman) than I am. If not, I hope you enjoyed learning a thing or two. I plan to put together another Simpsons facts list in the very near future, so look out for that too.

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Written by Dando

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