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Al Jean Posts The Script For The Simpsons Prince Episode

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For decades, hardcore Simpsons fans have debated over the story of the unproduced Simpsons Prince episode, known mostly as ‘The Prince Episode’, a script that never made it to air for reasons none of us were ever truly certain of. To be quite honest, the details still aren’t exactly clear. The episode was to feature a guest appearance from Prince himself, as well as a return from Leon Kompowsky. Only difference being that this time he thought he was the Purple Rain singer.

Former showrunner and writer Mike Reiss has stated that the original script was written by freelance writers, Ian Deitchman and Kristin Rusk, with an uncredited re-write from Conan O’Brien. However, negotiations feel through when Prince wasn’t impressed with the script.

Showrunner Bill Oakley also revealed more details in a 2008 online Q&A session:

“An entire episode was written to showcase an appearance by Prince, but it turned out Prince was on a completely different wavelength site: – ov index yes (imagine!) and actually had a friend of his write a script for the episode instead. No reconciliation was ever reached and the episode never happened.”

This “friend” turns out to be Stan Bradbury, Prince’s house manager at the time. He has since joined the discussion:

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So regardless of who or what is to blame for ‘The Prince Episode’ never coming to fruition, one can’t help but seethe at this wasted opportunity for television history.

However to help ease the pain after the unfortunate and sudden passing of Prince this week, Simpsons showrunner Al Jean surprised the world this morning when he took to his Twitter and released pages from the script we’ve all been wanting to read:

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Here’s hoping one day we finally get to read the entire script, although until then, thanks for producing this piece of Simpsons history Mr Jean!

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