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5 Easy Steps To Simpsons Shitposting

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Shitposting has been a staple of “meme culture” for years now, originating back to websites such as 4chan and other image-boards. However no matter how many shitposts you come across in your news feed, you still may not understand them or not know how to get into making your own. This article is targeted at all you aspiring meme lords out there, to help you create ironically funny Simpsons shitpost memes.

First things first, in order to know how to shitpost, you first need to know what a shitpost actually is. The general definition online is pretty vague, but let’s go to the always reliable “Urban Dictionary” to find out more.


Posting the same picture, GIF, or joke repeatedly, until it becomes an annoyance to all users on a site or forum.

“Dude, that guy keeps shit posting Ellen’s Oscar selfie. I liked the picture, but now I hate it.”

This statement is very true in the Simpsons community of shitposters. If you go to the group “Simpsons Shitposting”, you will see many posts that don’t make sense, although at the same time look like they’ve been formulated behind many layers of irony. These posts are similar to the kind of crap that your parents or older relatives would share on Facebook, only this time it’s with a Simpsons image.

One of the most popular moments from the show to “shitpost” is from ‘22 Short Films About Springfield‘, where Principal Skinner lies to Superintendent Chalmers by saying he will be serving steamed hams. You can find thousands of shitposts about steamed hams on the group and it is probably the only shitpost that has managed to stay relevant whilst others fade into obscurity because of over saturation.

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Now that we have a basic understanding of shitposting, let’s now go through the 5 steps required to create a really shit Simpsons image.

1. Have a loose understanding of The Simpsons.

If you had access to a TV in the 90’s/00’s, you should at least know what The Simpsons is and be able to quote the show from its “glory days”. This is important, besides, you don’t need to be too big of a fan to know a bit about the show.

2. Find the place inside of you where all of your “shit” humour lays.

Being into memes, you should have a refined palette for a funny image. However to make a shitpost work, you’ll need to get into that really ironic/nonsensical place that you forgot you even knew. Channel your inner rage-comic and you should almost be there.

3. Have access to Photoshop or like programs (I.e: Gimp or Microsoft Paint)

A huge part of shitposting is original content. Of course you can always just re-post the same ‘steamed hams’ image over and over again, but eventually people are going to grow tired of it. Now there are plenty of ways to obtain Photoshop, (I’m not going to tell you how to live your life, especially if you think that making shitposts is a good pastime), so just get Photoshop somehow. Gimp (funny name I know) is another alternative, or simply use Microsoft Paint since it will probably provide a better result because of how shit it is. If you get stuck, just use Google, that’s how them fancy graphic designers learn everything anyway. You’re not any better, so don’t try to improve your skill set.

4. Create the shitpost.

Now that you know what a shitpost is and you have the tools to make one, the next step is creation. Find a running shitpost that is relevant that week, (at the moment the Simpsons lemon memes have been doing the rounds) and add your own twist to it, or even try to be ahead of the curve and set the next trend.

5. Post your masterpiece

This part is make or break. If you fail to post your shitpost correctly, nobody is going to take notice of it. You could include a funny caption like “What he doin?” or you can just post it at the peak of the current meme going around on Simpsons Shitposting. Just make sure you capitalise on what is big at the time, to ensure you get them well-deserved likes for altering a Simpsons still.

There you go, now you are (hopefully) a memelord and are finally on your way to becoming a Kanye-level god. Have fun and delet this.

Written by: Jake Langa

Twitter: @jakelangdown
Instagram: @emopapa

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