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WATCH: The Top 10 ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ Segments

simpsons podcast

The annual Halloween specials, known as the ‘Treehouse Of Horror’ episodes, are always something every Simpsons fan look forward to each year. They’re different, edgy (well they used to be) and take our characters into stories that we wouldn’t normally get to see. What’s best is that each episode contains three separate segments intertwined into a trilogy of terror. This week Dando & Mitch pay tribute with their ‘Top 10 Treehouse Of Horror Segments’. Comment and tell us what would have made your list, oh and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so that you don’t miss the next video!

NOTE: We realized after recording the video that we somehow forgot ‘The Devil Flanders’, so let it be known that it would have easily been very high on the list!

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